The uniqueness of DIA and her music has prepared her to be a voice of multiculturalism around the world. With her ability to sing in 31 languages, and her electric and mesmerizing stage presence, DIA captivates audiences internationally time and time again. She is known for her powerful and artistic voice that embodies many different cultural elements, her vibrant energy, connection with her audiences, and glamorous vibe. When DIA performs, each moment is a photo and video opportunity.


DIA infuses her songs with authentic world music elements to create a bold new hybrid sound she calls “World-Pop.” Her musical ornamentation is reminiscent of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, South Asian, and Latin components combined with a contemporary Western flare. DIA’s ground-breaking debut album “Desire” is available on all music streaming platforms. Hard copies are available for purchase on her website and at live performances. The singer-songwriter also released an official music video for “Desire” that was shot in Toronto, Ontario and Banff, Alberta, Canada.


DIA’s diverse, unique, intrinsic lyrics and melodies will have you wanting more. Collaborating with Canadian Diamond award-winning songwriter and producer Arnold Lanni, as well as DIA’s brother, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Rob Dimeo, every track on “Desire” is bursting with a tightly packed live musical sound. A vocal powerhouse, DIA uses her rich soulful voice to breathe life into her ballads, laden with beautiful sophisticated harmonies and melodies. The result is a mesmerizing and eclectic mix of songs infused with world music and popular elements that deliver a powerful new sound.

"DIA is a unique cultural innovator who brings multiculturalism to the forefront for music lovers. 
Her voice itself is reminiscent of so many cultures and her music is reflected of her global influences."  
-Lenny Lombardi,  President CHIN Radio/TV International
"It is a compelling work that can best be defined as 'global pop.' The lyrics are English, and the overall sound is polished adult contemporary, but the judicious use of world music instruments adds rich atmospheres and textures to the
well-crafted compositions and her music is reflected of her global influences."  
-Kerry Doole,  Published Arts and Music Journalist
"For me, DIA doesn’t sound like every other female singer, her voice is uniquely hers. She has a deeper, richer tone full of
emotion and she can evoke the most incredible complex feelings with the slightest nuance. I especially love how she embraces
her love of all types of different ethnic music, seamlessly infusing it into everything she sings to create her own singing style.”   
-Arnold Lanni,  Diamond award-winning Producer and Songwriter
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